Why can I see close up but I can’t see at a distance? I can see better at a distance when I squint my eyes.
Myopia (near-sightedness)

Why can I see things clearly at a distance but not when they are up close?
Hyperopia (far-sightedness)

Why is my vision blurred no matter what distance I am viewing?

Why has my reading become more difficult now that I am past my 40th birthday?

When I cover one of my child’s eyes he becomes annoyed and frustrated but not when I cover his other eye. Why does this happen?
Ambyopia (lazy eye, refractive error, strabismus)

When I look at my grandmother, I can’t always tell if she is looking at me or if she is looking elsewhere with her one eye. Why is this?
Strabismus (crossed-eyes, esotropia, hypertropia, exotrpoia)

Why has my 75 year old father become unable to avoid the open cupboard doors or locates the salt and pepper shaker on the table like he used to? He has much more difficulty in low light areas as well.
Glaucoma (intraocular pressure, visual field loss, optic nerve fibre loss)

Why has the vision in one of my eyes become cloudy, blurred or distorted? I am also having difficulty with glare.
Cataract (IOL – intraocular lens)

Why do my eyes have an itchy, scratchy, burning feeling, like there’s something in my eyes? I notice it especially when I awaken.
Dry Eye (environmental conditions, punctual plugs, contact lenses)

When I look at letters on a page, why do they appear out of line or bent out of shape? Sometimes when I look right at something it is not clear until I look next to it then it becomes clearer. Why does this happen?
AMD(Age Related Macular Degeneration; dry AMD, wet AMD, macula)

What are the “bug-like” strands or cobwebs that I can see move before my eyes? Can I do anything about them?
Floaters and Spots (retinal hole, retinal tear, retinal detachment)

My aging mother says she has less clear vision and that it feels like there’s a film over her eyes. Why does her vision appear this way?

My mother has diabetes and she finds that some days her vision is good and other days not so good. My daughter also has diabetes and she has no complaints about her vision. Why do they see differently and when should they have their eyes evaluated?
Diabetes and Your Eyes (diabetic retinopathy, retinal hemorrhages)

Why is it when my son and I are looking for the red objects in his picture book he is unable to find them?
Colour Deficiency

My father says that he sees halos about lights at night and he has been told he has glaucoma. What is glaucoma and what risk is it to me or my children?
Glaucoma | OCT Link

My daughter came home from school today with red eyes and lids and complaining of watering and a scratchy feeling. Some of her classmates have been out of school with “pink eye”. What is it and how do I treat it?
Conjunctivitis (infectious, allergic, chemical conjunctivitis)